Children’s Dentistry – Herndon, VA

Every Child Deserves a Dazzling Smile

At Cosmetic & Orthodontic Family Dentistry, we welcome patients of all ages. Our team has years of experience meeting children’s unique set of oral health and behavior needs. Millions of patients report experiencing dental phobia or anxiety, and many of these patients claim a traumatic experience from childhood led to this concern. For this reason, our top priority is to ensure every child we treat is completely calm, comfortable, and free from pain during care. We work with parents to build positive associations with the dentist and hope that with the right level of preventive care from an early age, your child will never have to experience any of the pain or damage that accompanies advanced dental care.


Why Choose Cosmetic & Orthodontic Family Dentistry for Children’s Dentistry?

  • Dentist with 20+ Years of Experience
  • Team That Always Listens to What You Have to Say
  • Large, Comfortable Dental Office


Dental Checkups & Cleanings for Kids

If your child is old enough to have teeth, they are old enough to have cavities. You should start bringing them to the dentist no later than their first birthday so that they can begin regular checkups and cleanings. We’ll make sure that they feel safe and relaxed while we’re checking for signs of decay or developmental issues. And of course, age-appropriate cleanings will be performed to protect your child’s smile from plaque and tartar.


Dental Sealants

Anyone can get a cavity, but children are especially at risk, largely because they have yet to learn the best ways to brush and floss. They tend to have a particularly hard time taking care of the molars that are in hard-to-reach spots near the back of the mouth. We can use dental sealants made out of plastic to protect the molars and premolars while your child is still growing; we may also recommend them if your child’s baby teeth have an unusually high risk of decay.


Silver Diamine Fluoride

Ever since silver diamine fluoride was approved by the FDA in 2014 for use in the United States, it’s become a popular alternative to drilling cavities. The mix of silver and fluoride helps kill bacteria while rebuilding the materials that the teeth are made of. This stops existing cavities from getting any bigger, and it prevents bacteria from spreading and attacking other teeth. We may recommend silver diamine fluoride as a way to treat your child’s tooth decay without frightening them.


Pulp Therapy

Damaged or infected tooth pulp can be very painful for your child, but it can be treated before it completely compromises the tooth. This treatment begins with a careful examination of the teeth so that we can confirm the extent of the damage. Then we will open the tooth (after numbing your child’s mouth to keep them comfortable) and, depending on the situation, remove part or all of the dental pulp along with any harmful bacteria within.


Athletic Mouthguards

If you or a loved one participates in any sport where teeth may come in contact with hard surfaces, sporting equipment, or other players, wearing an athletic mouthguard is essential. Sometimes referred to simply as a sportsguard, these oral appliances protect teeth from trauma. Since the majority of tooth loss that occurs in patients under 25 is sports-related, we highly recommend wearing a mouthguard during every athletic event. Unlike store-bought guards, the custom sportsguards crafted by our skilled team are comfortable, enabling patients to speak and breathe effortlessly while wearing them.